Orthodontics is a dental science which deals with correction or irregular teeth and jaws.
Dentist specialized in orthodontics is called as a orthodontist. Different treatment modalities achieved through orthodontics are :

  • Crowding in teeth
  • Spacing in teethspacing
  • Excessive deep biteOverbite
  • Open biteopen bite
  • Prognathic jawprognathic jaw
  • Retrognathic jawretrognathic jaw
  • What may be the consequences of not treating a orthodontic problem ?

    Other than causing lowered confidence due bad dentition orthodontic problems also cause functional issues.
    Crowded teeth cause more accumulation of calculus due to lowred cleaning ability thus reducing life of dentition. Also malocclusion like a open bite causes over exposure of teeth to external environment thus more caries incidences.

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